About us

The simple version of what we do is work with Private Lenders and Venture Capitalists
to help companies find money.  We have been doing this for 15 years.  Right now,
private lenders are looking for good deals. To apply send a synopsis of your business via
email. Do not call please.  We receive hundreds of proposals.

Guidelines:  US venture capital projects, World Wide Energy projects, World Wide Property related projects.  Up to 85% will be funded. No one does 100% funding.  Projects must be from $1M and above.  There is no cap on the top figure.

For more information about our corporate structure please visit: http://www.roundtable-alliances.com

Inventors visit our Inventors Help Page:  http://www.inventionmasters.venturemoneyhunters.com

Venture Money Hunters & Round Table Alliances, LLC are women owned businesses.
CEO Cheryl Glover's CV can be found on our Executive Page.