About us

Business & Technology Assessment

Prior to your presentation to the Venture Capitalists or Private Equity Investors, we'll help you perform a business and technology analysis for your idea. Often, the hardest part of getting Venture Capital is the preparation. We'll analyze your idea from the market, business and technology point of view. We'll honestly tell you if you should present the idea or not.

Need a buisness plan? We can build your plan with professional results!!

Executive Coaching

The Venture process is simple: we make the appointments and you preesent your idea. The preparaton for you presentation and your Q&A sessions is difficult. We help you throught the process. We can coach you on starting your business, entrepreneur assistance or through the VC process. Let our experts help you.

Venture Capital & Private Equity Introductions

Finding the right Venture Capitalist or Private Equity Investor is often like looking for a needle in a haystack. We can short cut this. We match the right company/idea to the right partner.

We can also search for alliance partners, mergers & acquisitions or reverse mergers- corporate shells looking for new ideas.

For a look at our expertise on mergers & acquisitions and alliances go to our parent company:
Round Table Alliances, LLC.

Business Credit:

We have two Lines of Credit (LOCs) for businesses.

A 530 FICO loan where you need to show two years of revenue.

A 730 FICO loan with no-revenue.

Please go to http://www.privatemoneydollars.com  for more information.

Due Diligence Preparation

Once we match you to the right investors, we can help you through the intensive due diligence process.