About us

Venture Money Hunters assists inventors and companies in the venture capital process. As consultants we assist in the before Venture processes as well in introducing the inventor to sources of capital. Our goal is to turn inventions into businesses. We assist at all stages of creating the new company and funding that company..

Venture Money Hunters' mission is to create synergistic relationships between technology and business. We help entrepreneurs find their seed and venture capital, coach them through the process to facilitate new business.

Venture Money Hunters can help you find the capitalization you need We assist companies through the exhaustive venture capital process by:

  • Assessing your new technology, idea or product for market readiness & success
  • Matching you with the right money people
  • Coaching you through the process
  • Assisting with the due diligence process
  • Finding partners and investors
  • Preparing your business plan &/or presentations


  • Our clients are new companies that need money over $1M. Most Venture Capitalists use the model of 85% funding. You or your partners must supply the other 15%. An exclusion to this might be if you already have revenue.
  • More mature companies looking for first round, reverse mergers, mergers & acquisitions. Companies looking for venture money for a specific product, invention, idea, or technology. Deals range from over $1M to a $25M range.
  • Or companies that are trying to assess whether their product or technology will work in the market place: go no-go decisions.

Capabilities Our experienced business and technology experts will give you an objective assessment. The mixture of honesty and experience will be found in our business cases, technology assessment, decision risk analysis, due diligence preparation.

Our Key Mission is to get your idea in front of investors, the right way.

  • New ventures can be risky. Our technology, business and market assessment can mitigate the risk of failure..
  • Your time is valuable.  If you have a lemon, we'll tell you.  Don't you want to know if you're headed for failure in the market?
  • We will tell you the likelihood of Venture Capitalist interest.
  • We will look for Private Equity or other alternative resources for you.
  • We will help you turn your lemon into lemonade by helping  you strategize into a marketable venture.  This may include product development changes, market changes, idea changes or business model changes.

Venture Money Hunters can help you find the resources you need to fund your business.